The President Surveys the Final Stage of Housing students in Student Housing and Points Adding New Halls for Study, rehabilitation and Conversion of stores to Lodgings


Today evening Wednesday 11/10/2017, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary surveys the final stage of housing male and female students in student housing due to the increase number of students and points to maximize the maximum benefit of available and unused places within the student housing, converse and rehabilitate them to be suitable for students lodging. His Excellency points to add new halls for study to facilitate to the students and provide all means that meet the needs and comfort of students.

As well, his Excellency mentions that they add an additional number of water cooler in response to the demands of female students and stress on the continuous follow-up of changing water filters.

He also states that the stores within student housing will be moved to other places in preparation to convert them into new rooms to accommodate more students.