Reception Ceremony for Junior Students at the Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine


Today Sunday 8/10/2017 the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary meets junior students at the Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine and congratulating them on their admission to Kafrelsheikh University that emphasizes their excellence.

He stresses that their belonging to the family of this university participate in achieving university vision to prepare leaders qualified with knowledge and skills with national identity and global standards. He mentions that the educational process in Egypt represents an integration between teaching and training in newly equipped laboratories, followed by training in educational factories inside the university and work sites for institutions that cooperate with the university to ensure that the graduate is ready to work immediately after having a job after graduation. As well, he points out that the aim of this meeting is to introduce the university life, regulations and systems in each faculty, provide them with important guidance information through which they can identify services provided by the university, their rights and duties in addition to what the ceremony have of various activities and events.

He also gives them some important advices such as respect for system, regulations and university values and not to pay attention to rumors and points out that the university management supports the solution of problems through dialogue and in a calm and cooperative manner, free of fanaticism and violence.

The president reassures the students saying: “you are not alone, we are with you. We have student hospital equipped to receive students, social solidarity fund that presents assistance to the needy in addition to university book support fund and insurance quality fund to pay compensation in case of accidents. He invites them to participate in many sportive, art, cultural, scientific and social student activities organized by youth welfare departments at the university faculties aims to benefit from student energies and build the moderate personality that gather among science, arts, sport and culture in addition to read the academic guidance guide. In conclusion, el Kemary says to students: “your university is your own, so preserve and defend it as you are an ambassador for it and link to it wherever you are. Try to acquire academic and professional skills that compatible with labor market. He congratulates and welcomes junior students once more wishing them a successful university life.