Kafrelsheikh University president attending the Conference of National Council for Woman


Today Wednesday 20/09/2017 Prof. Dr. Maged Elkemary Kafrelsheikh University president attended the conference of National Council for Woman, kafrelsheikh branch titled: “Peacemaker woman ... together against extremism and terrorism” as started by greeting the governor and all attendees. H.E. begins his speech by clarifying the aim of conference which conducted to give an overview on the active & important role of woman in confrontation of extremism and terrorism through her role in dissemination of peace   through her role of reinforcement of belongingness, love of the homeland and rejection of hatred and the consolidation of a culture and rejection of violence and extremism in all forms and its types among children. He pointed out to what Egypt is suffering Decades ago as has seen many terrorist incidents and witnessed many terrorist incidents targeting women, children and old , army forces , and policemen, where Terrorism has become a global phenomenon as no country not getting safe from  the risks and crimes of terrorism which carried out by terrorist and extremist organizations which in its turn affect on Economic and living conditions as represents an additional burden on women as responsible for managing the living requirements & needs of the family and community.  In the same context , Prof Elkemary praised the important role played by the Egyptian woman as not limited to confront the phenomenon of extremism & and terrorism , being fully oriented of intellectual, psychological and social formation for children and working extensively  on integrating them in the community , but her is extended to include the whole community. The woman is the backbone of the family and the main focus of its construction as well as she has a crucial role in the community either she is employed in any institution or not, also able for confrontation of different challenges & reinforcing the march of construction and development & spreading the culture of tolerance rather than extremism.

On the other hand, he mentioned kafrelsheikh university has established the faculty of Information & computer Science to have a specialized graduates of youth specialized in information technology , as groups of technology for participation in confrontation of the increased risk of electronic terrorist organization and its  action in breaking systems where facing thought comes only with fighting thought.  

At the conclusion, he directed his prayers saying “we are endowed with the grace of safety and security “under leadership of his Majesty president Abed AlFatah ElSisi.