Reception of new students at Faculty of Alalsun Kafrelsheikh University


Today Tuesday 19/9/ 2017 an introductory meeting has been done for the new students who are admitted to Faculty of Alal Sun Kafrelsheikh  University, these  in the presence of H.E. prof. Dr. Maged Elkemary university president, Vice presidents , Faculty’ Dean and the Academic staff . The Orientation program covered the Faculty Scientific Department as well the administers ative Department which students need such as Student Affairs Department , policies & Regulations applied by both the faculty and University. In addition the important information which help them to be oriented with all  provided services by Kafrelsheikh  university, their rights , duties & responsibilities, further the different types of students activities that help in developing students’ personalities , and have excellent leadership able to proceed for success and development.   

On his side, the university president directed a welcome note  expressing his happiness with reception of new batch of students for their admission to this virgin faculty, hopping the beginning of the new academic year to be  Full of optimism and energy where students will found an inducive learning environment all facilities which will assist thewherm in developing skills , and acquiring knowledge , and emphasize that each student should take this chance for learning  where  their responsibilities of the country when they transfer from being a learner to a producer and productive.