The First Batch of Internship of “Angles of Mercy” at Kafrelsheikh University


Today Monday 18/9/2017,  president Prof. Dr Maged El Kemary attended  the beginning  of orientation  program of the first batch of  Interns of  Faculty of Nursing whom he calls “Angles of Mercy”  expressing that he is proud of them for their tremendous effort  and cooperation with their professors during their study period at the faculty; however, they will begin the practical training at the university hospital through communication  & providing direct care for the patients after they finished their theoretical as well as the scientific study with state of the art of different strategies of teaching and utilization of high tech of the educational means. These event have been done in the presence of Prof Dr. Ali Abu Shoshaa vice president of Community Service and Environmental Affairs;  Prof Dr. Mohga Abed el Aziz  Dean of the Faculty of Nursing who stressed on and directed the  interns  of carrying out the greater respect and  load of taking care of patients as human being , as well as showing respect to patients’ families , following  regulations , having team spirit , working on a team  particularly with the health team. On the other hand, Prof Dr.  Hassan el Batti  Dean of Faculty of Medicine who also attended the reception meeting of the interns  & who encouraged them for bearing the responsibility and providing  assistance to the patients and their families better health.

In his message; H.E. Prof. El kemary pointed out that the university never hesitate to assist students and provide all possible ways of comfort to them within the limits of university facilities. Furthermore, he added  that  Faculty of Nursing is striving  and committed for preparing qualified professionals to provide good quality care that meet the needs of all levels of local and regional health institutions with distinguished competitive and efficient graduates to be  in line with international standards,  in addition to development of  researchers who are able to produce competitive scientific researches to develop the profession in accordance with its Arab identity  through advanced educational programs that support the mechanisms  and techniques of scientific research ,  skills of self-learning and community service.