No increment of Tuition fees of Dormitories affiliated to Kafrelsheikh University 2017/ 2018


On his side, H.E. Prof. Dr. Maged   Elkemary university president admitted that  no increment will be observed in  the Tuition fees of  the University’ s Dormitories,  as well ,prof. ElKemary  pointed out that the university have been finished from all preparations for commencement of the new  Academic year  2017/2018  regarding providing all necessary & required components for the teaching -learning process  at the new faculties in particular, also  all  required  works of maintenance of academic buildings i.e.  all work maintenance of lecture halls, class- rooms, construction of  central building for lecture halls according to the international standards  to be compatible with modern  university’ facilities. In the same context, His excellency pointed out that all course schedules have been done, thus to ensure regularity and quality   of teaching -learning process from first day of beginning of classes.

 In addition; and regarding university readiness for students accommodation at   the dorms, the president emphasized that the required works and procedures for maintenance of the dorms & the restaurant as well have been done and finished ensuring provision of all required Procedures for safety and convenience of students, indicating a decision has been done of no increment in the Tuition fees , Believing in the role of university in raising suffering on many of Egyptian families in line with the country's policy of supporting disabled economically’ students.


On the other hand ,Prof. ElKemary  clarified the internal coordination for distribution of students
 among different educational programs within
different university to be done
 according  quality standards and according to students’ interest
within the limits and capacity of  scientific department  and
to be compatible with the Labor market. 
On the same line ,  H.E. added  instruction & direction  have been done
regarding the price of the university book & handouts  
which developed by the academic staffs
 in consideration the quality of print out , and provision of 5%
of the developed booby the instructor for disabled students
who are not able to afford buying the book.
In the same context, he stressed that warning has declared of 
no printing any developed book /or handout  for any course 
without permission as well as endorsement from related scientific department.