Deans Council Stresses the Need for Grading the Answer Sheet At Once


Deans council holds under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary today 9/1/2017 a meeting to discuss and review the most important documents of the educational and research process in the different faculties.

As well, the president stresses the deans the need for securing the controls’ rooms in every faculty as well as applying the standards, regulations and instructions of the controls and the grading should be done at once to enable the faculties to announce the exams ‘results in the timely manner without delay.

Otherwise, the president stresses the need for following up the operation of cameras and the installation of signboards of the patients inside the new university hospital, following up all operation requirements and the speed completion of educational pharmaceutical factory at the Faculty of Pharmacy on time.

As well, el Kemary points out the need for excellence, paying attention to the outputs of education and scientific research in the assessment of curriculum and teaching methods as well as the transition to active learning that allow the student a large role in educational process, stressing the need for searching the ways of academic accreditation and the development of programs of post-graduation and scientific magazines.

Otherwise, the president stresses the need to pay attention for creativity and innovation and spreading this culture among students as well as linking the university to industry and strengthening the relationship between the university and the business sector through the study of mutual work to view the problems and find the solutions as well as apply the outputs of scientific research.