Symposium of the Eminence Mufti of Egypt in the Face of Terrorism and the Renunciation of Violence at Kafrelsheikh University


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives today Wednesday 28/12/2016 Prof Dr Shawky Allam, the Mufti of Egypt in his office.

The eminence Mufti of Egypt has delivered for the sons of Kafrelsheikh University and employees a lecture at the conferences hall at Development Center entitled “"Confronting Terrorism and Renounce Violence”.

As well, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary welcomes the Mufti of Egypt and praises the role in Dar al-Ifta during the recent period in responding to mistaken fatwas, extremist thinking, spreading the teachings of true Islam and fortifying our youth of destructive ideas and intellectual terrorism, especially that some youth have become targets for domestic and international terrorist groups through the means of social communication and this is what motivates us to strengthen the intellectual security as the intellectual terrorism is not be faced except by preventive thinking through a combination of religious, educational, social, sportive, security and media institutions to fortify our youth from the inner thoughts and lead to the radicalization of behavior, ideas and ethics.

El Kemary adds that the goals of educational process is no longer limited to learn knowledge and its applications, but it has another dimension which is the correction of misconceptions among youth and the absolute rejection of the sectarian ideology that threatens the entity of our nation.

Otherwise, Prof Dr Shawky Allam stresses that the religion is honesty, so the man entrusted with fatwa should be eligible and able to say the correct response to the issues raised upon him, explaining that the Egyptian Dar al-Ifta enjoys great confidence at home and abroad.

The Mufti announces that law project has been introduced to the House of Representatives to organize Ifta to eliminate random fatwas issued by non-specialists, pointing out that the Dar of Ifta issues 2000 fatwas per day through various means and interacts more than 5 million persons with the page of Ifta on Facebook and the fatwas are received in 11 languages.

Otherwise, he adds that Dar of Ifta has different means to confront the extremist ideas and terrorist groups, explaining that the terrorist groups has quoted the Holy verses that justify their deeds improperly, pointing out that they has interpreted the word jihad with a narrow perspective and away from its true meaning. In the end of the seminar, the president has granted the university shield to the Mufti of Egypt in recognition and honor of this person.