Kafrelsheikh University Grants scientific Degrees and Promotions for Staff Members


The council agrees in its monthly session under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary today Monday 26/12/2016 to grant scientific degrees and promotions for staff members in the different faculties and the approval of the council includes:

·         Grant PHD in education:

1)      Rasha Gaber Abed el Monaim Hussein (mental health)


·         Grant PHD in veterinary medical science:

1)      Yasser Mahfouz Mohamed Ahmed (health control on meat and its products)

2)      Ahmed Mosaad el Morsi el Saied (Parasites)


·         Grant PHD in agricultural sciences:

1)      Dr Nagwa Ibrahim Mohamed Saad Mandour (crops)

2)      Dr Hoda Tolba Mohamed Salim (pesticides)

3)      Dr Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Moliaha (crops)

4)      Dr Rabab Ahmed Ali el Abad (agricultural guidance)

5)      Dr Mahrous el Saied Abed el Baqi Nigm (genetics)


·         Grant Master’s Degree in education:

1)      Aliaa Adel Abed el Rahman (mental health)

2)      Abed el Hamid Farag el Koly (mental health)

3)      Refaat Mohamed Basiouni Mohamed (curriculums and teaching methods “education technology”)

4)      Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Sultan (curriculum and teaching methods “education technology”)


·         Grant Master’s Degree in veterinary medical sciences:

1)      Abed el Fatah Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed (health control on milk and its products)

2)      Asmaa Mohamed Shawky Salama (nutrition of animal and poultry and Malnutrition diseases)


·         Grant Master’s Degree in agricultural sciences:

1)      Asmaa Hussein Abed el Hai Hussein (crops)

2)      Mohamed Hamid Hussein Youssef (food technology)

3)      Mona Maher Lotfi Youssef (agricultural economy)

4)      Hala Hilmi Zaki Howaila (economic pesticides)

5)      Mahmoud Saad Ahmed el Khawaas (agricultural guidance)


·         Grant Master’ Degree in science:

1)      Hala el Gharib Mustafa el Ashaal (Zoology, Physiology)

2)      Nader Abed Allah Salama Mustafa (Zoology, Aquaculture and fish biology)

3)      Mai Abed el Fatah Abed el Satar Mineisi (zoology, physiology)


·         Grant Master’s Degree in Arts:

1)      Ali el Saied Ismail el Nimr (Arabic Language, Islamic Studies)

2)      Saad el Mansoub Mohamed el Sheikh (Arabic Language “literature and criticism”)

3)      Nesreen Mohamed Abed el Monaim el Sharkawy (Psychology "Clinical Psychology”)

4)      Naemaa Abed el Wahab Mustafa Okasha (Psychology "Clinical Psychology”)

5)      Hala Saeed Abed el Gawaad Essa (History “Islamic History”)


·         Grant Master’s Degree in sportive education:

1)      Asmaa Mohamed Ibrahim el Bohy (sportive training)


·         The council agrees to appoint in the position of professor at the Faculty of Sportive Education:

1)      Dr Ahmed Mohamed, Sportive Training Department (Boxing Training)


·         Appointing in the position of assistant professor:

1)      Dr Yasser Abed el Fatah Saied Ahmed (the Faculty of Commerce, Accounting Department)

2)      Dr Ayman Ibrahim Mohamed el Halafawy, (The Faculty of Arts, English Department)


·         Appointing in the position of Lecturer:

1)      Hazem Omar Abed el Galil Khalifa, the Faculty of Commerce (statistics, mathematics and insurance)

2)      Ibrahim Maher Abed el Rahim Sultan, the Faculty of Engineering (mechanical engineering)

3)      Ahmed Ramzy Mahmoud Shehata, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Pharmacology)

4)      Mariam Salah Abed el Rahman Zaglol, the Faculty of Medicine (Gastrointestinal Endoscopy)