The Faculty of Agriculture and Local Community Forum


Under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the Faculty of Agriculture organizes “The Faculty of Agriculture and Local Community Forum” today Monday 19/12/2016.

The president welcomes the participants in the form of the Faculty of Agriculture and local community in which elite of scientists, researchers, businessmen, companies, agricultural institutions and many governmental and industrial institutions participate.

As well, el Kemary stresses the importance of partnership between the university and local community noting that the concept of partnership is equal in rights and duties and the exchange of benefits and services between the university and local community in all its sectors as businessmen sector needs from the university applied researches for the solution of community problems to develop the industries either at the agricultural level or in the other fields or the university is in need to businessmen sector for supporting of contractual research and also to train students to acquire professional skills comply with the requirements of labor market, as community partnership with universities is important to reduce the unemployment rate in the graduates of universities as well as the transition to knowledge society.

El Kemary thanks businessmen who donated for the benefit of the university hospital and called on them to continue the support of the university and contractual research transformed into a product from which businessmen and graduates will benefit as business sector will need to continuing education in the university and transformative training for some graduates within the university.

Otherwise, el Kemary adds that such conferences should always be held to achieve the benefit for all and to develop the agriculture sector as when we develop the agriculture sector, we will have self-sufficiency of food, so there will be reducing of importing and our need for hard currency in addition to participate in solving the community problems, the support of agriculture and industry, having producers for the society and a role in solving the chronic problems that cannot be solved except with creative and innovative thinking.