Kafrelsheikh University Wins the First Place in Drawing and Scouts in the Fourth Universities Girls Week


Within the fourth universities girls’ week in Minya, Kafrelsheikh University participates in this week under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary.

Kafrelsheikh University has topped the fourth group in football after beating Sadat University 2/1 and Suez Canal University 5/2 to reach the quarter-finals, but in golden competitions among universities players and players enrolled in international games, Kafrelsheikh University participates in quarter-finals and was among the teams that have international payers and enrollers in famous clubs.

As well, Kafrelsheikh University has won the medal gold in drawing by the student Mariam Salim Zidan, the first year, at the Faculty of Specific Education and the student Alaa Ibrahim Hamady, the third year at the Faculty of Medicine, has won the bronze medal in scientific research as well as it has get the first year in scouts and public service.

From his part, Prof Dr Maged el Kemary has congratulated the winners of medal and bronze medals in the events of this week in Minya, pointing out that the winners will be honored in recognition for their excellence and success and raise the flag of Kafrelsheikh University among Egyptian University and stressed on the importance of student activities in the formation of moderated personality and creating the spirit of competition and creativity among students.