Closing Ceremony of IBCT TOT ATO37 Course


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary meets with staff members and leaderships in closing ceremony of trainers training course No 73 in cooperation with International Board of Certified Trainers as the number of trainers are 16 trainers of administrative leaders (the vice dean and head department), staff members and some members of administrative device inside and outside university.

This course lasts for five days of eight hours of training in the day as well as activities and costs of total of 60 hours

This course aims to rehabilitate and prepare globally certified trainers who has the ability for leadership, management and motivation of others to upgrade institutions

The participants are: Dr Ahmed Motwali, the representative of international board in South Africa and South Africa, and the experts of human resources development Prof Dr Ahmed el Kamil and Prof Dr Nermeen Attia.

This course comes after the course No 72 held in King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia.

This was stated by Prof Dr Yasser Hafez, the center director