The Faculty of Pharmacy was established by Republican Decree No. (52) In 2013.

The faculty and its facilities were established under the supervision of Prof. Majed Abdul Tawab El Kemary, President of the University, and were authorized to prepare the socioeconomic feasibility study.

The Supreme Council of Universities approved in its session No. 573 dated 7/7/2012 that the study at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Kafrelsheikh University, will begin in the academic year 2012/2013 through the transfer of new students from the corresponding faculties of other Egyptian governmental universities.

A six-storey building within the campus next to the Faculty of Education (former building of the Faculty of Science) was allocated as a temporary residence for the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Faculty labs were equipped with workbenches, equipment, materials, and lecture rooms according to the international standard specifications.

A new building for the faculty was designed and constructed.

Dr. Nabil Mohie Abdul Hamid was appointed as an Acting Dean of the Faculty from 13/8/2012 to 1/8/2014.

Prof. Mohamed El-Hegazy, Vice-President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, was appointed to supervise on the Faculty of Pharmacy from 1/4/2014 till 4/3/2015.

Prof. Ramadan Ahmed Al-Domany was appointed as an Acting Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy from March 4, 2015 till now.