Urology and Nephrology Center(Mansoura university)


In May 1983, the Urology & Nephrology Center was officially inaugurated. Since then, the activities of the center have been growing, both clinical and academic. The establishment of the center was an examplary work of Dr. M. A Ghoneim and two of his fellow urologists: Dr. A. Ashamallah and Dr. S. Hammady. Endourology; the use of endoscopy in urologic surgery; was starting in 70's. Yet it was finally settled in mid 80's. The center includes operations on Radical cystectomy and urinary diversion. New subspecialties were emerging: Pediatric urology, starting in late 80's and grew up to the limit of having its own ward in the new extension. Laparoscopy is a new endourologic field that has been established. Also, Urodynamics and voiding dysfunction has also evolved, with over 3000 patients examined in the urodynamic lab of the center and incontinence surgery developed