The Readiness for Kafrelsheikh University Students Reception


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary assures that the next year will begin with the opening of four faculties (Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Fisheries) besides the university will complete the establishment and preparation of qualitative remedial teaching hospital subordinate to the faculty of Medicine as well as these faculties will lead to a quantum leap over the level of academic history of university towards the establishment of medical faculties.


As well, he announces that the university will finish the faculty of Dentistry through a year as it will be ready to receive students after next year inshaa Allah to finish all medical faculties and achieve strategy in the first stage of this integrated medical city inside campus; adding that university hospital will be main nucleus for expansion in the field of different specialist medical centers by a support from civil community explaining that university will support establishing these centers as the main base in the faculty of Medicine and university hospital is on the ground.


Moreover, he adds that the university is about to complete staff members in the new faculties through choosing distinguished scientific talents of similar faculties in other universities and encourage staff members youth of administrators and assistant lecturers to get scholarships in advanced international universities.


The president mentions that the university provides faculties with advanced research laboratories in advanced scientific fields and is about to prepare medical faculties laboratories with advanced scientific equipment to achieve integrity between scientific and medical faculties to enable university to be improved in different scientific fields as well as improve the faculty of human and educational sciences sector.

It is expected that the reception of the faculty of Medicine will be delayed until October or November 2013 after the beginning of this academic year. Within the interest of university for organizing educational process from the first day, there is department in the faculty of Science special for one of future programs containing laboratories, classrooms and offices prepared to meet the needs of students temporary until the new building is finished.


University seek to internationality and is doing its efforts to achieve this through receiving foreign students as well as researches and international cooperation as university signed an understanding memorandums with many universities around the world. University is about to establish conferences hall with guesthouse to encourage international conference tourism in university.

Finally, university is about to complete infrastructure of sanitation, paving and flat greens as well as develop and renew old facilities and buildings to raise services for students.