Cooperation Program between Research Academy and Italy National Council for Researches


Within scientific and technological cooperation and its executive program between academy and national council, executive program execute five research projects every year as academy presents finance for every year by 21 thousand pounds.

Suggestions will be sent according to the following terms:

1)    The period of project is no more than 24 months.

2)    In the case of needing more than 21000 pounds for project, research authority will bear the rest of amount.

3)    Egyptian research and its research authority will bear travel expenses and residence in Italy to follow-up project and the same matter for Italian researcher.

4)    Egyptian and Italian researches will choose project formula and every one should present project proposal for academy and Italian council, but they will not pay attention for proposals made in only one side.

5)    They should present four copies of project proposal accredited by authority as well as CD on Monday 30 September 2013 to the following address:

·         Street No 101 el Kasr el Aini, scientific agreements management, fourth floor.

·         In case of insertion of project within executive project, research authority will be notified.

·         For more information, please correspond: