Email Upgrade


Email Upgrade

Live@Edu Services was upgraded to Microsoft Office 365 for Education. These new services are for learning about Office advantages in Internet and one is allowed to prepare subjects and cooperation with their colleagues as well as exchange of curriculum and calendars.


·         Office 365:

1)    This account allows one to open your Email and the use of username and password.

2)    Any mailings will not be lost, but will be inverted into your email.


·         Personal Microsoft Account:

This account will give you the right to get all your contents on SkyDrive and other Microsoft services. Otherwise, one should use the same username and password as administrator will not be able to restore the old password in case one loses it.




What you expect?

·         Email:

We will still use Microsoft Outlook Web App or Microsoft Outlook to display and send email, but it will register in another website.

·         The participation of files:

We will use Share Point in internet to participate files. We will use Office web applications to write and read documents.


·         Meetings through and mailings:

We will use Lync through Internet for mailings and meetings.


What you need to do:

1)    If you use Internet Explorer 6, you should upgrade to newer version of Internet Explorer 8.

2)     If you use Microsoft Outlook to read your email and Microsoft Office 2003, you will need to upgrade to Office Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 by using Outlook.


After Upgrading:

·         You can visit your email and enter to Microsoft Office 365 by the same username and password by entering these links:


The faculties



The faculty of Agriculture  


The faculty of Education  


The faculty of Veterinary Medicine


The faculty of Engineering  


The faculty of Commerce


The faculty of Specific Education  


The faculty of Arts    


The faculty of Sportive Education  


The faculty of Science   


The faculty of Pharmacy   




To visit SkyDrive services by the same username and password:

For more information about Office 365 Services and get additional resources, one can visit:


·         Portal Project.

·         MIS Project.