Deans' Council


Deans' Council

Deans' council was held on 11/2/2013 and its results are as the following:

1)    They urge the preparations and arrangements in the second term including the following:

·         The finish of preparation of auditoriums, workshops, laboratories, stadiums and sport training hall.

·         The announcement about schedules, its places and timings.

·         The discipline in educational process.

·         University leaders and staff should be in their places in the first day to ensure the proper functioning of educational process and it is not allowed to travel even if in necessary and the cases of national or scientific missions.

·         The announcement about different students' activities programs and skills and social welfare development programs.

·         The encouragement of students' activities in all sportive, cultural, art and social fields.

·         The provision of university book for students in suitable price and benefit from support for it in faculties.

·         The determination of appointment for students' union elections according to new students' schedule.


2)    The staff should present performance report for the first term 2012/2013 and in case of no report; they will not get university recompense.


3)     The improvement of Kafrelsheikh University classification according to Webmatrix institution:

Kafrelsheikh University occupies No 9 over the level of Egyptian universities; No 56 over African universities; No 53 over the level of Arab World and No 3589 over world universities according to webometrics for the site


July 2011

January 2012

July 2012

 January 2013

















4)    An initiative to adopt standards that contribute to achieve international leadership:

·         The enhancement of competitive center for university and convoy new developments in different fields.

·         The study of reasons for failure of university in winning excellence prize in scientific publications for the year 2012 over the Egyptian universities within the events of Continuous  Improvement and Qualification for Accreditation Program


5)   A seminar about success story of Mansoura University in medical field in which the following discourse:

·       Prof Dr Mohamed Gonaim, the founder of Kidney center in Mansoura University.

·       Prof Dr Mohamed Farid, the previous manager of university hospitals.



6)   Work for signboards inside university campus and study of installing display screen.


7)   The maintenance of the auditoriums of the faculty of Commerce and Fouad Badr.


8)   The suggestion of forming board of trustee for university hospital:

     It includes professors from the faculty of Medicine and personalities from civil community who has the ability to motivate the community to collect donations as well as professors, counselor and a professor from the faculty of Commerce (financial adviser).