Research Scholarships for Egyptian Researchers


Research Scholarships for Egyptian Researchers

Studies and programs center subordinate to Alexandria library grants post-doctoral scholarships for Egyptian scientists and researchers in one of scientific fields:

1)    Information technology and bioinformatics science.

2)    Biology and biotechnology science.

3)    Chemistry and biochemistry science.

4)    Pre university Education sciences.

5)    Geometry and technology.

6)    Earth sciences.

7)    Agricultural sciences.

8)    Mathematics.

9)    Medical sciences.

10)  Physics and Biophysics.


·         The terms of application:

1)    The scientists and researchers should get doctorate through the last five years (after December 2007).

2)    The applicant should work in academic or research institutions that follow general or special sector and research should be in Egypt mainly.

3)    The research should participate or can participate with foreign authority in university or research center outside Egypt.

4)    The researcher should be no more than 35 years old in January 2013.

5)    Application requests should be presented before 30 April 2013.

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