Cultural Competition


Cultural Competition

The terms of cultural competitions in employees in the ministry of higher education and universities students for the financial year 2012/2013:

1)    The competitor should be Egyptian from the employees in the ministry and all units subordinate to it.

2)    The competitor should be from Egyptian universities or institutions students subordinate to the ministry and also universities and technical institutions.

3)    The research should be written in computer not less than 30 pages with the accuracy in choosing the topic (only one topic from competition topics) and terms for written research according to study topic plan.

4)     The competitor should write his full name, the name of administration, faculty or institution as well as his address in independent paper with research after its accreditation from the authority for which it is subordinate and it is signed by republic logo seal. The student should attach a study form containing all his data signed by students' affairs seal and republic seal (the competitor should determine certain address for which they will correspond).

5)    The revision of researchers is subjected to specialist professors nominated from universities.

6)    A copy of salary contents of employees in the ministry or all units for which is subordinate is attached with research.

7)    It is not allowed for the researcher to see or copy research after it is delivered to management in certain appointment or after the announcement of result.

8)    References should include all sources and books from which they cited.