University Council Resolutions


The university council agrees on Monday 24/12/2012 under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and the mayor of Kafrlesheikh province to:

  • hold an understanding memorandum between Kafrelsheikh and:
  • Ankara University, Turkey.

St. Petersburg State Agrarian University

  • Egyptian el Shefaa Bank institution.
  • Start Diploma in the two departments Economics and statistics, mathematics and insurance in the faculty of Commerce.
  • Nominate the following:
  • Prof Dr Mahmoud Hashem Abed el Kader, the professor of Photochemistry in National Laser Institution, to get Nile Prize in the field of advanced technology science for the year 2012.
  • Prof Dr Alaa Mohamed Kamel Salem, the professor of Geology and the vice dean for postgraduate studies and research to get state excellence prize in the field of basic sciences.
  • Dr Waeel Fawzi Mohamed el Tarras, the assistant professor in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine Department in the faculty of Veterinary Medicine to get state excellence prize in the field of advanced technology science that serve agricultural sciences for the year 2012.



Grant Doctorate in the following fields:

First, Doctorate in agricultural sciences:

  • Dr Abed el Nabi Hamid Mohamed Daiab, genetics.
  • Dr Basim Saad Abed el Fatah Abed el Ati, animal production
  • Dr Mohamed Abid Mohamed Gonaima, dairy milk.

Second, PHD in medical veterinary medicine:

  • Dr Shaimaa Subhi Garib Reziq, Parasitology.
  • Dr Osama Abed el Azim, Pharmacology.

Third, PHD in Arts:

  • Dr Sonia Abed el Wahab Abed Rabboh, History.

Fourth, Doctorate in Education:


Dr Wafaa Ayaad Ayaad Ali, comparative education and educational management.

  • Appoint the following:

First, assistant professor:


Dr Ahmed Mustafa Abed Allah, the faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Economy Department.

Second, lecturer:


Dr Ali Ahmed Abed el Kader, the faculty of Commerce, Business Administration Department.