British Egyptian Workshop


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives the British consul in Alexandria Mrs Mary Louis Archer; the businessman in Scotland Dr Abed el Hadi Fawzi and the vices of president to prepare for British Egyptian workshop in the field of Aquaculture and renewable energy on Wednesday 27 February 2013 in the presence of British ambassador.

It includes qualitative discussions between the two sides to exchange information, reach meeting point in the research fields in Aquaculture and manufacture and search for mutual cooperation in reality.
Through meeting, they discuss how to prepare understanding memorandum between the two universities in these fields, special scientific projects in intensive and half intensive Aquaculture and enhance academic and cultural ties. Moreover, the delegation visits some high quality intensive fish farming.
Otherwise, Aquaculture in Kafrelsheikh faces many problems such as lack of modern technology used in the fields of fish wealth, lack of cadres capable of organizing and managing fisheries in advanced ways and finally lack of sophistication of Aquaculture especially in the field of human resources development and cadres capable of using new technology and manufactured feed as the farms do not contain its needs as well as the problem of expansion in aquaculture, besides chemical and organic fertilizers are not used economically, so the university started to build the faculty of fish wealth which will be opened the next year Inshallah.