Dawaa Service and Islamic Jurisprudence Prize


The value of prize:

·         First, 10000 pounds for the first prize and it can be divided into two prizes: each one has 5000 pounds according to the evaluation of researches in one of the following:

1)    The literature of controversy from an Islamic perspective.

2)    The bestowal of religious scholars in the field of jurisprudential diligence.


·         Second, 40000 pounds for the best researches in one of the previous topics, a minimum 2000 pounds for every winner.

·         Third, 20000 pounds (encouragement prize) for researched not won, a minimum 1000 pounds for every winner.


The terms:

1)    The research should be neither published nor presented to any other authority.

2)    The research should be distinguished, include new additions and diligences.

3)    The applicant should not get original prize in this competition for three years.

4)    The presentation of research with three copies, not less than 100 and more than 200 pages, and an abstract with three copies, not less than ten pages and more than 20 pages.


·         The last day for presenting research is on 31 March 2013 in the office of consultant of state litigation authority in the tenth floor, Tahrir square T: 27944595020.