The Vacancy of the Job of the vice manager of ICTP


Projects Management Unit, the Ministry of Higher Education

  • The minimum of required qualifications:
    • The experience should not be less than three years in one of ICTP projects or related projects, should has high qualification and has Doctorate in the specialisms of computer or telecommunications Engineering or computers and information and science.
    • The applicant should have experience in the management of multi projects and centers programs and previous experiences in the field of education.
    • He/she should have experience in doing tenders and the law No 89 for the year 1998.
    • The ability to modernize and execute emerging projects.
  • The Job Description:
    • The participation in executing the strategic plan for the information and communications technology in the ministry of higher education and modernizing it.
    • The management of effective communications with CIOs in 22 universities.
    • The management of effective communications with the managers of central projects (9 projects).
    • The follow-up of tenders and its committees
    • The follow-up of execution of committees’ recommendations of projects follow-up and the national project committee.
  • The applicant will be 5 days in the project and can travel inside and abroad for short duration.
  • There will be monthly remuneration with the financial and medical benefits and all rights.
  • The biography and the documents (experience certificates, previous jobs .etc.) with miniature proposal for information and communication system development in universities (it should not be more than three pages) should be sent to Email: until the end of November.