Hepatitis C Among Socio-medical Priorities



A Lecture Presented by

Nabil Mohie Abdel-Hamid, PhD

Prof of Cancer Biology and Dean of College of Pharmacy,

, Egyptkafrelsheikh University e-mail: nabilmohie@yahoo.com

    Hepatitis C viral infection represents a major concern to the world due to its complications on the liver on the long run. Unfortunately, prevalence in Egypt is one of the highest ratios worldwide.                           

  The virus only grows within liver cells ( hepatocytes), replicate, comes out the cell and re-infect other cells . It directs most of functions to its own replication. The determinant in limiting its invasion is the immunity challenge.


  Many therapeutic trials were shown up and showed moderate and promising success as interferon therapy. Potentiation of normal immunity is greatly advisable to overcome the spread of this infection. Many herbals were also tried and recorded to achieve fair success.


  It is not horrible to understand that, viral infection needs from 15-40 years to show liver cirrhosis, among cirrhotics, 5-8 % develop liver cancer.