The Minister of Higher Education honors Universities’ Students who won the “Together” Competition on the Sidelines of the Cairo International Book Fair in its next Session


 Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, approves the results of the second edition of the “Together” competition launched by the Ministry to produce short videos aimed at supporting the authentic values of Egyptian society, which was launched last December.

The Minister confirms that this competition is held within the framework of the great interest the Ministry attaches to building the sound personality of young people, deepening their spirit of loyalty and belonging, fortifying them against unhealthy ideas, and creating a generation capable of construction and creativity.

The minister points out that the competition achieved great success in its second edition, as 93 videos won by students from 14 public universities (Ain Shams, Assiut, Arish, Menoufia, Port Said, Minya, New Valley, Banha, South Valley, Helwan, Tanta, Sadat City, Beni Suef, Fayoum), explaining that the submitted works were evaluated by specialized technical committees from universities, within the following themes (disseminating a culture of tolerance and coexistence, social peace within society, strengthening the values of citizenship, and devoting the principles of centrism and moderation), confirming that the winning videos varied in their topics according to the competition’s themes.

Dr. Mustafa Rifaat, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities, indicates that the Council’s secretariat participates in following up on the implementation of all stages of the competition, starting with discussing the controls governing it during the meeting of the Supreme Council for Education and Student Affairs, to ensure the optimal conduct of the competition, until addressing all universities to participate in the competition, and to inform them of its conditions and procedures, explaining that a committee is formed in each university, headed by the Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs, and the committee is responsible for announcing the competition in all faculties, determine the appropriate prizes for the first ten places, the time period of the competition, form a judging committee, and announce the names of the winning students.

Dr. Adel Abd El-Ghaffar, the media advisor and official spokesman for the Ministry, states that the “Together” competition is held within the framework of the Ministry’s strategy to raise students’ awareness and build their moderate personality against abnormal ideas, noting that as an encouragement to the students who win the competition, the winners (those with the first three places in each university) will be honored on the sidelines of the activities of the Cairo International Book Fair in its next session, under the patronage and honor of Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


General Administration of the Media Office and Official Spokesperson