Required Learning Outcomes


On completion of the program the candidate should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence


·      Has extensive knowledge in the scientific field of specialization.

·      Can formulate a scientific hypothesis.

·      Can find relevant methods to solve the scientific problem.


·      Can work independently within a research group.

·      Can analyze a scientific problem on the basis of relevant literature.

·      Can critically evaluate the existing models and scientific results in light of the problem.

·      Can use methods applicable to invalidate the hypothesis.

·      Can interpret the results in light of the problem.

General competence

·      Can get familiar with a scientific problem.

·      Can get familiar with new application areas in the pharmaceutical field.

·      Can work independently within this research field in working life.

·      Can work and communicate between disciplines.

·      Can present the theme of research in a broader scientific, social and ethical context