Requirements of PhD degree

Accepted Candidates with an appropriate Bachelor's degree and MSc degree from an appropriate program in the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in KSU or other universities must pass 42 academic credits to meet the requirements of obtaining a PhD degree, including the following:

·         Completion of 12 credit hours for the 600 level (four basic courses), in addition to 6 credits (two elective courses) in one semester

·         Complete 18 credit hours of academic coursework in partial fulfillment of the PhD degree requirements. This includes four (4) core courses (12 credits), in addition to two (2) elective courses (6 credits) at the 600 level in one semester for each program.

·         Successfully completed cumulative exams.

·         Twenty (20) credits hours of PhD for dissertation research.

·         Six (6) credits of seminar.

·         To complete the requirements for obtaining the PhD degree, the student must be the first author of two scientific publications of the research results of his thesis, whether published or accepted for publication in an appropriate peer reviewed journals with an impact factor.

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