Submission and successful defense of a formal PhD Dissertation

   After Completion of 18 credit hours of academic coursework, the candidate will be required to complete a series of cumulative exams, which will normally occur at the end of the academic semester. After completion of the cumulative exams, an oral candidacy examination is then required to become a PhD candidate. The oral examination, which is administered by the student’s graduate dissertation committee, is based upon a written proposal describing the proposed dissertation research project. It is intended to evaluate the adequacy of the proposed project, the student’s level of understanding of the project and the likelihood that the dissertation can be completed successfully.

        Students must conduct a substantial original investigation under the supervision of their advisers and must submit to the graduate dissertation committee a written dissertation reporting the results of the research and analyzing its significance in relation to existing scientific knowledge. The oral dissertation defense, conducted under the direction of the dissertation committee, will examine the candidate’s research, dissertation documentation and underlying fundamental knowledge encompassed by the candidate’s research. Upon successful completion of the defense and the dissertation, the student may apply for graduation with the PhD in an appropriate program of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Full-time students should complete the degree requirements in at least three years.

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