Phds degree publication Requirements.


Phds  degree publication Requirements.

Preparation of doctoral thesis.

A student is not allowed to register for the letter until he has applied for a foreign language proficiency certificate not exceeding two years in accordance with the decision of the Higher Council of Universities of 10/15/2009. The student therefore submits an English language proficiency test. (TOEFL International Certification from Specialized Centres, or British IELTS Certificate) Minimum of 500 master's degree and 550 PhD for English department students, B2 master's degree and C1 PhD for other departments (If these certificates are not available at Kafr al-Sheikh University, the student can obtain them from a university or a reliable scientific centre whose certificates are approved by Kafr al-Sheikh University.) A student must complete six courses equivalent to at least 18 credits of doctoral courses with an average of at least 3.00 before starting the preparation of the letter.the student can obtain these

Certificates from a university or reliable scientific centre whose certificates are approved by Kafr al-Sheikh University). The student is the subject of a letter within the research plan of the competent department and submits to the scientific department a scientific letter plan in the specialized language as well as its translation into Arabic, including the following elements and its current ranking:

·       Short introduction,

·       The importance of research

·       Questions to be answered through the letter

·       Review of research literature

·       Research hypothesis and purpose,

·       Research curriculum

·       Scientific material, practical application to selected sample of texts under consideration)

·       Search steps (search doors and chapters)

·       Research sources and references

The plan is discussed and studied at a seminar (seminar) and then adopted by the Scientific Section, the Graduate Commission and the College Council.

The establishment of the Committee for the Judgement of the Master's Thesis requires the researcher to publish research or submit any information on the acceptance of research for publication in a scientific journal or specialized scientific conference. The research has a relationship with the branch of his scientific specialization or the subject of his letter.

Prior to the formation of the committee of judgement on the master's thesis submitted by the student, the student is required to submit a statement with participation in seminars held by the department or the entity for students of a stage. Once each semester, the student presents his studies and research in the master's thesis with participation in the last seminar, which includes the presentation of the entire content of the letter. Minimum duration of study is 2 years and not more than 4 years

Examination System

The College Council may, after taking the opinion of the competent Department Council and depending on the nature of the courses of study, decide to hold the examination electronically in one or more courses. The examination may be held in each course or a part thereof so as to permit it to be corrected electronically. This shall be submitted to the Higher Studies and Research Council for approval and approval by the University Council.