Requirements for Master's degree.


Requirements for Master's degree.

If the following conditions are met:

1.    The student must have a bachelor's degree with at least a good overall rating

2.    The enrolment of an Egyptian student or an expat to his/her doctorate is required to have a Master's degree at an average capacity of 2.70 or a degree from another recognized scientific institute at the same level as the Higher Council of Universities. In the specialized branch, the student at this stage studies 48 credits from the level of 600, of which 18 credits are divided into 3 courses requiring optional specializations and 3 general optional courses 30 credits for the preparation of a doctoral thesis.

The student must successfully pass the written and oral entrance examinations.

- The student must apply for a foreign language proficiency certificate that does not exceed two years, in accordance with the decision of the Higher Council of Universities issued on 2 009/10/15. The student must then submit an English language proficiency test. (International TOEFL certified by specialist centres, or British IELTS with a minimum of 500 master's degree, 550 Ph.D. for students in the English department, B2 for the master's degree and C1 for the Ph.D. for the rest of the departments. If these certificates are not available at Kafr al-Sheikh University ikh University approval.)

With regard to the master's degree, the student submits to the competent scientific department a certificate stating that he has passed his postgraduate diploma from the Faculty of Alsen or its corresponding studies at another scientific institute and recognized by the Higher Council of Universities, a copy of his research project, as well as an article in the specialized language not exceeding two pages in which he explains the aim of attending a stage

The student studies the second foreign language he studied in the bachelor's degree, and the student can approve the Scientific Department Board. The addition of an old or modern third foreign language in the optional courses, provided that the applicant's submission receives the approval of the governmental or private employer, inside and outside Egypt.

b. A student is considered to be preliminarily restricted, if the enrolment procedure is terminated before the end of the second week of the autumn and spring or the first week of the summer. The student is allowed to attend courses only if initially restricted.