Submission and successful defense of a formal PhD Dissertation



The study system for the postgraduate stage is the academic year system, and final exams are held at the end of the academic year.


Admission is open for enrollment in the General Diploma in Education, the Professional Diploma in Education, the Special Diploma in Education, the Masters Degree in Education, and the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Education during the month of September of each year, and the dates are announced by the day and date at the college. The College Council determines the systems and dates for application, enrollment and registration.


The Faculty of Education at Kafrelsheikh University accepts at the postgraduate level students who hold academic qualifications or degrees from outside the Arab Republic of Egypt that are recognized and equivalent by the Supreme Council of Universities and are appropriate for the academic degree they are applying for.


The total grade for each postgraduate course is one hundred (100), of which 80% is allocated for the final written test, and 20% is allocated for the years work, practical assignments, the oral exam, or whatever research and assignments the student is assigned related to the course.


A student enrolled in the General Diploma in Education who fails the field training course or is deprived of it due to absence is considered to have failed the field training course only, and in all cases the student re-enrolls in what he failed in only.


The College Council, upon the request of the relevant department council, may deprive an enrolled student of taking the exam in one or more courses if his attendance percentage is less than 75% of the total lectures or practical lessons. In this case, the student is considered to have failed the courses in which he was prohibited from taking the exam.


If a student is absent or fails more than two subjects, the College Council may re-enroll him, and the student will repeat the year only for what he failed.


The student who is absent from the first round exam in all or some of the courses has the right to take the exam in the second round in which he was absent and retain his grade in these subjects.


The student majors in graduate studies at the college, starting with a professional diploma in education.