Brief historical overview::  

 (The Faculty of Education - Kafrelsheikh University)


The faculty of education was established as the second college of the colleges of Tanta University in Kafrelsheikh after the faculty of agriculture by individual efforts. Study started within this faculty in 1977- 1978, while the students' number was about 254 belonging to only three majors; Arabic Language, Biology, and Chemistry and Physics. Then the number of the students was doubled during the year 1978- 1989, besides the Mathematics major was added to the other three majors. While recently during the year 2008- 2009, the students' number became about 4611 male and female students, who were belonging to 19 majors within different six departments; Fundamentals of Education, Curriculum and Teaching Methods, Comparative Education and Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Psychological Hygiene and Kindergarten departments.

There are also some master programs such as; professional diploma program for those students who gained an educational certificate, special diploma program, master program, and PhD programs as well. Students who are graduated from other institutes and faculties are accepted in the general diploma programs to prepare them educationally.