Vision & Mission & Objectives

Vision :-

            The vision of the department is to achieve the goals of the faculty the assistance of the distinguished modem, agricultural, scientific department that has got local, regional and international reputation enriched by excellence and innovation.


Mission :-

            The Soil and Water Programme, Faculty of Agriculture, Kafrelsheikh University contributes to the mission of the college that seeks to prepare distinguished graduates capable of competing and overcoming agricultural obsticles, within the labor market, by professional innovative methods. The graduates will be able to mate decisions and solve societal problems by conducting applied research in the field of soils and water, especially water logged and salt affected soils.     



1.    Maximizing the productivity of fragile and marginal soils.

2.    Irrigation water management and optimization under sustainable soil management.

3.    Mapping pollution and treatment of contaminated soils and water.

4.     Climatic changes and their impact on the productive capacity of the soils and the characteristics of different soil.

5.    Reclamation, cultivation and management of new lands.

6.    The use of modern technologies in the management of water and land resources and the treatment of soils problems.

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