Mechanism of work

1.      Prepare all International Students list for all academic levels (Baccalaureate/ post-graduates).

2.      Let those students get oriented with available academic departments & programs.

3.      Facilitate and follow -up all process of students’ admission; registration and graduation from enrolled Faculty/ College.

4.      Let student get oriented with all college   students’ activities e.g. eentertainments art activity Sports & trips; thus, to motivate those students interaction & communication with their   colleagues.

5.      The office should communicate &   cooperate with faculty members to facilitate process of teaching learning process of International students and working on overcoming problems & obstacles hindering educational process.

6.      Assess students’ satisfaction of provided services   through the enrolled college

7.      Provide college higher administration with a feedback about results of students’ satisfaction of the teaching -learning process.  

8.      Conduct reception meetings for International students to get oriented with the college they enrolled in & encouraging them for cultural communication & dialogue between different nationalities.  

9.      Inform students with all coming instructions from General Administration for expatriates

10.  Communicate with General Administration for Expatriates in case of  students facing administrative problems