Activities of the Office

1.      Communicate with Egyptian cultural offices all over the world, thus to activate the Scientific International   agreements & exchange of students

2.      Support all possibilities of cultural & scientific cooperative agreements with representing cultural offices for different countries at Egypt

3.      Communicate with related administrative departments within the university to facilitate and direct process of receiving international students’ documents as well as accelerate the process of admission & graduation certificates. 

4.      Provide all directions and advises of different services i.e. medical services; cultural services, and entertainments which available within the university campus.

5.      Monitoring of residency places

6.      Arrange orientation programs   for new admissions to help them be aware of   university facilities & encourage interaction and cultural communication between different natives.

7.      Utilize all technological facilities i.e. presence of electronic comprehensive system clarifying  the importance; aims, and activities of the office, in addition to let students have easily access for replying and get answers  for all related questions  through university Web-site.

8.      Conduct monthly meeting with International Students to be oriented with their academic achievements, also their problems which might hinder their academic achievements and their teaching learning -process, in addition to activation of academic advisor with assigning those faculty members who have potential abilities and communication with students with other nationalities.

9.      Conduct annual cultural meeting & give chance for International students to participate with their Egyptian colleagues with providing all different cultural activities with invitation of the Cultural Annex of each country to participate students’ cultural   meeting.