Symposium on International standards for the accreditation of hospitals and health institutions . Faculty of Nursing


Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Maged Elkemary, President of Kafr El Sheikh University, the Faculty of Nursing organized a scientific symposium entitled International Standards for the Accreditation of Hospitals and Health Institutions , attended by Prof. Dr. Ali Abushousha , Vice President for Community Services and Environmental Development, Prof.Dr. Abdel Razek Desuki, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Muhja Abdulaziz , Dean of the Faculty of Nursing. Dr. Muhja gave an overview of the importance of such seminars , as accreditation is a means of international ranking of hospitals and world recognition. Besides, it stressed the importance of quality standards which positively influences health services. Prof. Dr. Hassan Al Batea, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, delivered a speech on the impacts of the accreditation of hospitals on patient safety.

Dr. Mohammad Abdelaal, Director of Kafr El Sheikh University Hospital, Dr. Eiman Salman, Prof., Nursing Adminstration , Faculty of Nursing, Helwan University, spoke about the international standards of hospital accreditation objectives and stakeholders, and carrying out health care principles and world efficiency as well.