Scientific Symposium at Faculty of Pharmacy, Kafrelsheikh University: Integration of Scientific researches with Industry “


Under the patronage of his excellency Prof. Dr. Maged ElKemary  Kafrelsheikh University president & Prof. Dr. Ali Abu Shosha -vice president of Community Services& Environmental Affairs , Prof. Dr. Ramadan AlDomany ,Dean Faculty of Pharmacy , and participation  of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mustafa Kamal Head of  Research Development Unit at Sanofi  in Franfort, Germany and presence of   Dr. Maha AlDemlawy Head of Scientific Research City, Borg AlArab’ Dr.Moursy AbuYusef , Captain Science, Alexandria , in addition to presence of a group of academic staff & Students  today Monday  8/ 01/18 a scientific symposium was conducted which tilted:  “ Integration of Scientific researches with Industry”.  Prof. Dr. ElKemary conduct a speech clarifying that the aim of helding such symposiums is increasing students’ awareness with the importance of knowledge and experiences of   scientific researches  and its applications, and integration with industry fields , as well as the interaction between industry and Higher education  organizations where the experiences of manufacturing still  in big  need for development. ElKemary also emphasized that the industrial strategy  in Egypt must exceed this level  and reach to the production as well as marketing & exporting level; as Egypt considered an important point for exporting which opening a wide door for Arab and African markets , however, the relationship of universities with industry in developed countries depend on transferring this relationship from just cooperation to achievement of active and mutual participation in carrying out scientific researches , projects  between the two parties; where several universities established  owned companies have its independency  and organizing and reinforcing  its relation with industry and  business sector as well. In addition, attracting additional financial resources for funding researches and   scientific experiments.  ElKemary further pointed out the concept of community participation which used to describe the relationship between university   and community i.e. the equality of rights and duties between parities and mutual benefits and services. H.E.  added some of the obstacles and complexities facing active community participation are absence of identified and clarified policy for universities specially for community service and community participation; also weakness and not given importance  from universities to marketing and lack of awareness of activities and services provided ; moreover, Community organization reluctance in participation of funding service projects provided  to local communities.

 On his side, prof. Dr. Ahmed Mustafa Kamal explained the difference between scientific research &   industry, and 
the concept of development as it consider the bridge between industry and researches. On his speech Kamal gave
 a brief about pharmacy and drug manufacturing, and the legal standards controlling it, in addition the process of 
transferring suggested idea to real product serving the community. He further gave a brief about the concept of chemical,
 Manufacturing and control “CMC”, several terminologies & steps related to drug manufacturing.