Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
  • How to apply?

Applying for undergraduate or bachelor' is central by the concerned authority which is General Administration for expatriates (GAE) in Cairo and that happening only through their own website so as well the nominations through the public administration department for expatriates in Cairo on the following link:

  • How to submit documents for Postgraduate?

Due to disability to come to Cairo for any circumstances, you can send a copy of the required documents by e-mail to so that we can address the college to do the all necessary required.

  • What are the required documents for postgraduate Studies registration at KFS University?

To see the required documents please visit the following link:

  • What are the required tuition fees for postgraduate Studies?

Please follow us on this link for further information on Graduate Studies tuition fees:

  • Are tuition fees paid for full academic year or just only for each semester?

The tuition fees are paying for the full academic year.

It is necessary to modify the embassy letter where student belong included the determination of the modified academic year

  • Is there a discount rate for Palestinians students?

There is a discount rate up to 50% according to the approval of Dr. the Minister of Higher Education on condition of obtaining a secondary school from inside Palestine

  • Is there a discount rate for Yemeni students?

There is a discount rate up to 30 % according to the joint convention between the Egyptian and Yemen governments.

  • Is there a discount rate for Sudanese students?

There is a discount rate up to 90 %.