The Objectives

  The Measurement and Evaluation unit aims to achieve the following aspirations:

 1. Disseminating the culture of the evaluation system and raising awareness of the importance of its development as one of the inputs for improving the educational system in general and raising awareness of the ethical charter of evaluation and examinations at all stages and fields and raising awareness of the latest developments in this area.

 2. Establishing and developing the infrastructure at the college to use modern mechanisms for managing evaluation and examination systems, developing evaluation methods and tools, and using modern methods for evaluation.

 3. The unit adopts the establishment of question banks and their use in the evaluation processes in the academic programs at the college.

 4. Preparing guidelines and standards to ensure the quality of evaluation and examination processes based on the academic standards adopted by the college.

 5. Supporting the college to adopt electronic evaluation and testing systems in its academic programs.

 6. Training the faculty members and their assistants at the college and preparing trainers in the field of evaluation and examinations through preparing training programs in preparing: evaluation tools, question banks, electronic exams, automation of grading, and other programs.

 7. Reviewing and preparing annual reports on the evaluation of exam work in general and student results and preparing executive plans for corrective actions for weaknesses and emphasizing strengths.

 8. Developing mechanisms to communicate between the unit and other local and global university evaluation units, benefiting from their experiences and disseminating them among the evaluation units in colleges and exchanging experiences between them.