The Tasks of the unit

The role of the Quality Assurance Unit is highlighted in spreading the culture of quality, its standards, sustainable excellence, raising awareness of its importance and methods, consolidating this concept among the college employees, and supporting the college units through developing skills, participatory planning, comprehensive self-evaluation, and applying practices that achieve academic and administrative quality. The Quality Assurance Unit is the focal point for ensuring the quality of performance in the educational, research and administrative processes as well as community partnership, and aims to the following:


1-Representing the college with external parties related to work related to the development, guarantee and academic accreditation.


2-Establishing a comprehensive and effective system for quality assurance and continuous self-evaluation of the college's performance and quality assurance for its academic and administrative units.


3-Introducing the necessary organizational regulations and procedures in the colleges to implement the goals of the college related to quality assurance and academic accreditation, and providing support thereto.


4-Organizing the college's activities related to the preparation and implementation of plans related to evaluation, quality assurance and academic accreditation in all academic and administrative units of the university.


5-Provide proposals and consultations on the strategies and priorities of the college to improve the quality within the university academically and administratively.


6-Effective contribution to the consolidation of the principle of continuous development and improvement and work to spread the culture and practices of quality and academic accreditation.


7-Studying, preparing and implementing the necessary training plans to develop the skills of faculty members and human cadres at the university and to improve the quality of its outputs.


8-Developing the knowledge and skills of faculty members and administrators in the field of ensuring the quality of the educational process and academic accreditation to improve teaching and learning practices and teaching and evaluation methods.


9-Work with the various faculties and administration of the university to establish units and committees for development and quality.


Review documents and requests for updating and developing academic programs related to quality standards and academic accreditation requirements.


10-Propose an appropriate plan for the periodic review of approved quality standards to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of the academic and administrative departments of the college


11-Periodic review of the quality of academic programs (Bachelor's) and departments and making recommendations for the development and continuous improvement of their quality.


12-Provide support, advice and coordination between corresponding academic programs in the various governorates and encourage colleges to offer a program consistent with academic accreditation standards and overall quality.


13-Work to establish constructive scientific and professional relations between the university and other educational institutions that are distinguished in their performance in order to benefit from the expertise of these institutions in everything related to improving the level of performance within the college.


14-Conducting evaluation studies that help identify strengths and development opportunities in the university's units and activities in order to make appropriate decisions and continuous improvement.


15-Work to achieve institutional and program accreditation.


16-Supporting and encouraging creativity and excellence and developing a spirit of honest competition among the college's employees; by setting controls for awards for excellence, creativity and distinguished initiatives.


17-Activating and employing information technologies and electronic systems in promoting quality practices and academic accreditation and following up on their implementation.



18-Organizing and supervising the tasks of the bodies related to the deanship and approving its work plans and developing them continuously.