Vision and Mission



 The department vision represents in the scientific and research participation for solving urgent health problems in the Egyptian and International community as well.

 This is done through providing modern courses in line with daily scientific developments in the field of Biochemistry which covers the academic medical sciences with chemical nature at the level of cell, tissue and body organs.

 Hence, the department participates within a clear vision with specific goals in the education of student whether in the pre- or post-graduation how to participate constructively in solving the medical community problems and putting strategic plans in the short and long term. The most important of these health problems are liver tumors whose most causes are found in the Egyptian environment and which drain young people and large amounts of money annually. The most important causes of this problem worldwide is the lack of accurate and sensitive indications for tumors to the early detection of tumors or sometimes these indications occur in the blood before the emergence of  disease symptoms and almost disappear during the emergence of disease symptoms indicated by radiation and other tests. The methods of diagnosis by biopsy (biopsy) is still, despite its accuracy is disturbing to the patient and also represents a source of micro-pollution for the patient as well.



Therefore, the department mission is a try to benefit from biochemistry as economic, safe, fast and sensitive to the early detection of liver tumors and diseases related to Egyptian Society. We as researchers try to benefit from modern technology and new methods and try new indications that may contribute to rising the sensitivity of current indications or focus on new indications which are more accurate and sensitive whether in experimental animals or human patients.

 For this reason, the department links research relations to many related specializations in the faculties and other universities.

 In addition, as the Egyptian environment is rich with many medical plants, we try many plant extracts or their effective substances that we obtain from other departments to study if it is useful as a protective from liver tumors or increase liver sensitivity and respond to chemical treatment.

 The department can, through a large number of Master's Degrees and Doctorate theses, register some vital changes that benefit the diagnosis; we start it at the level of experimental animals and complete it on patients we get their samples from the hospital and oncology centers and the department also get several herbal extracts that help to reduce tumor and increase the sensitivity to chemotherapy.


Biochemistry Department