How Hospital Receives Students


 Steps to receive students at the student hospital: 

1. The student goes to the student hospital with a letter of disclosure from the students’ affairs office to be disclosed to the relevant clinic.

2. The medicine needed for the student is prescribed on the letter of transfer. Then the student goes to the pharmacy to get it.

4. If the required tests are not available, the student will be referred with a letter of transfer from the hospital for examinations at the university hospital.

5. If the student asks for a health certificate, a medical fitness certificate or a sick leave, the student will send a letter from his faculty to the student hospital. A medical committee will be formed for the medical examination and the medical report will be written by a member of the medical committee.


In case the student needs to be hospitalized or to perform surgeries:

1- The student will be referred to the university hospital.

2. If there is no possibility of performing the operation at the university hospital, the student will be examined by a specialized committee to decide.

3 - Presentation of the report of the Medical Committee to the university Council for approval according to the medical regulations in preparation for being transferred  to  hospitals  determined by the University.