Required Procedures for International Students

 The application starts from the date of declaration of General Administration of Expatriates in Cairo for diploma and Master’s Degree and until the end of the academic year for Doctorate Degree through the website of Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector at the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, then click enrollment link to fill information form and upload it with the passport copy on the website, taking into account registering full name to be identical to all documents so that the ministry can take a rapid action on the final approvals for admission.


The student should submit his/her full papers to the faculty (during the mentioned dates), which are as follows:

1)      Electronic enrollment form of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education

2)      The origin of the first university certificate documented and equivalent from the supreme council of Egyptian Universities

3)      High school certificate documented

4)      Copy of passport

5)      The origin of grades of the four academic year documented (academic record)

6)      The origin of birth certificate documented

7)      Embassy approval letter with identifying funding authority

8)      Four forms of admission data for postgraduate studies (from the General Administration of Expatriates in Cairo)

9)      Six personal photos


International Students Affairs for Post Graduation