A cultural symposium entitled "National Responsibility and Political Participation in the Establishment of Egypt"


With reference to University's keenness to play its role as a distinctive educational, research and educational institution, it takes a steady step in the path of development and modernization and plays an effective part as a cultural lighthouse in society.

Under the auspices of Prof. Maged Elkemary, President of Kafrelsheikh University, a cultural symposium entitled "National Responsibility and Political Participation in the Establishment of Egypt” was held in the conference room, the Faculty of Pharmacy, on Tuesday 20 March, 2018. Mahmoud Bakry and Major General Amjad Abbas Morsi attended the symposium. The symposium started with the speech of Prof. Maged Elkemary, in which he welcomed the audience and spoke about the national responsibility people should shoulder.

Prof Elkemary focused the great national role played by university students to contribute to the construction of Egypt and added that Kafrelsheikh University was free of violence.

He also stressed the role of the university students in establishing Egypt to benefit from the educational and scientific possibilities available at the university and follow the laws and regulations in order to acquire professional and academic skills to suit the labor market.

He also stressed the need for a culture of community in terms of the main role of the business sector in contributing to the strengthening and financing of the health sector and education in terms of building hospitals and establishing new universities.

He also urged the necessity of breaking the knowledge siege by reading and creating innovative projects that bring hard currency, which contributes to the economic growth according to the State Plan 2030.

Mr. Bakry talked about how to participate in the national fight against terrorism through the presence of national media, the solidarity of society and the cohesion of citizens with state institutions and the role played by the youth in community participation.