Photo Album

The Visit of Delegation of Pasteur Institute, Tunisia


The Visit of the commander of People and Military Defense Forces to Kafrelsheikh University within the plan of coordination on Egyptian Universities 11/5/2011


 Symposium "Future Vision for the Advancement of Oily Crops", the Faculty of Agriculture, 12/4/2011


TV Interview with Kafrelsheikh University President


The Visit of the President for International Training Center


The Visit of the President and University Council Members to Student Housing


University Council Meeting in the Presence of  Kafrelsehikh Governor  Eng Saad el Husseini


The Visit of the President to the Faculties of Education and Veterinary Medicine


The Journalist Refaat Fayyad in the Faculty of Arts


Misr 25 Institution Ceremony in Kafrelsheikh University


Kafrelsheikh University Celebration of its Sixth Anniversary, April 2012


The Visit of Delegation of Bahrain University and Team of Informatique Company to Kafrelsheikh University


 Kafrelshikh University is honored in the Field of Management Information Systems


The introductory Conference about Zewail City


The Opening of Charity Clothes Exhibition in the Faculty of Education


Fine Art Gallery in the Faculty of Specific Education


The First International Textile Conference 22-24/11/2011



Digital Library Workshop 15/11/2011


The Honors of Winners in the Competition "the Best Personal Website" 2/11/2011The Honor of University for obtaining the First Place in the Field of Student Competitions in the Apical Activities for 2010/2011



University students in the Naval College


Symposium about Armed Forces Celebration of October War Victories 2011


The Second Book Fair in Kafrelsheikh University 16-19/10/2011


Robot Plain (Graduation project in the Faculty of Engineering) July 2011


Ceremony of University Awards (encouragement, scientific publication) 25/7/2011


Honoring Ceremony for Kafrelsheikh University President in Development and Information Center 14/7/2011


Survey from ICTP 27/6/2011


The Fifth University Festival for Theatrical Arts, the Faculty of Commerce Show " play: zeer Salim"


Symposium "Intellectual Property" 30/5/2011


The Fifth University Festival for Theatrical Arts, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Show " play: the man who ate goose" 29/5/2011


Graduation Day and the First Employment Forum, the Faculty of Engineering 24/5/2014


The Fifth University Festival for Theatrical Arts, the Faculty of Agriculture Show " play: the story of Good People" 25/5/2011


Survey for Modern Construction Works in University 17/1/2011


The Visit of President of Egyptian E-learning University 17/1/2011


 The Events of Last Week of Training Course of International Trainers  8-13/1/2011


The Meeting of the President with Lecturers and Assistant Lecturers 2/1/2010