“Challenges of Egyptian National Security’ Symposium at Kafrelsheikh University


Today Morning Wednesday, “Students for Egypt” Family organized a symposium entitled “Challenges of Egyptian National Security” under the patronage of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa, the vice president for Community service and Environmental Affairs at   Faculty of Education.


The symposium has been conducted by the General Staff of War Dr Talaat Ahmad Mosa, Consultant at Military Nasr Academy, & Head of strategy and National Security at Faculty of National Defense and the member of Egyptian council of Foreign Affairs. General Talaat Ahmad Moses started his kind speech by extending his thanks & appreciation to H.E. Prof Dr. Maged el Kemary, the vice -president for their remarkable efforts in confronting the challenges of national security and conducting such awareness lectures which work to educate the youth of Egypt and generation. As well, the General Talaat explained that Egypt is facing many challenges and threats, identifying challenges as what related to the development of the   community (i.e. what related to development; economically & socially), while; threats   all what to military confrontation.


Furthermore, he defined what it means by national security explaining   it means securing the state from inside and fighting the external threats with all that guarantees a stable life for the citizen which provides him/her with progress in different fields (political, social, military, technological, media and environmental), adding that despite Egypt’s challenges and threats, it always seeks to provide security and national safety and to thwart attempts by the west to undermine the state.