Department vision:-

Achieving excellence and leadership locally and regionally in the educational process and scientific research and preparing distinguished resources in the fields of recreation and leisure time to contribute effectively to building society.

Department message:-

Preparing and qualifying a distinguished graduate, scientifically and skillfully, in the fields of recreation that meets the requirements and needs of the labor market, keeping up with scientific and technological innovations, offering postgraduate studies programs based on intellectual challenges, scientific enrichment, and contemporary development, and providing consultations and services that contribute to building and developing society.

Department objectives:

The department works to achieve its mission through the following objectives:

·         Achieving the college’s academic standards by providing students with knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes toward working in the field of recreation.

·         Providing the graduate with information, knowledge, and special skills so that he can lead recreation for people with special needs. Raising the level of academic achievement and intellectual ambition among students at the undergraduate and graduate levels by providing a distinguished environment for teaching and learning.. Contributing to preparing leaders in the field of the Scouting and Girl Guides movement

·         Organizing and managing various camps for all community institutions.. Preparing and refining an academic leadership capable of pioneering recreational services and leisure activities in various governmental and private sports institutions.. Providing scientific advice in the field of specialization to obtain various academic degrees.

·         Providing field and academic expertise through communication with institutions within the community

·         Encouraging faculty members and their assistants to conduct research and scientific studies within the framework of the department’s research plan to contribute to solving problems associated with various civil and governmental community organizations.