Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs


    Prof.Dr. Naglaa H. El-Asharaf     



My dear sons and daughters, I congratulate you on the beginning of the New Year, and where we all strive in this year to take care of all student activities in various cultural, social, artistic, sports and roving fields.

Our university seeks to manage all the capabilities and financial resources necessary to improve the quality of student activities until students can express their diverse talents.

In the context of our keenness on continuous development with the new changes and innovations, the educational process accordance with quality standards.

 We look to the future we find that we have a lot of work to accomplish and a message that we must perform both in its location through positive and effective participation, which is the graduation of technical and qualitative quarters at the highest level scientifically, skillfully and behaviorally. We also strive to perform students' activities.

C. V