The President Heads the University Council Meeting


 Today Tuesday 30/11/2021, the university council, headed by Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Dosouky, President of the University, holds its monthly session in the council hall, to discuss a number of topics related to the educational and research process, in the presence of Major General Gamal Nour El-Din, Governor of Kafrelsheikh; Prof. Dr. Hasan Younis, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research; Prof. Dr. Reda Saleh, Vice President for community service and Environmental Development Affairs; Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdel Aal, Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs, Deans of Faculties, Legal Adviser of the University, and Dr. Ali Sabry, Secretary General of the University.

The President Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Dosouky begins the meeting by expressing his thanks and appreciation to Major General Gamal Nour El-Din, Governor of Kafrelsheikh, for his support of all the demands of the university and his effort in the comprehensive development of the governorate in implementation of the directives of the President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.

As well, the President stresses the application and implementation of all precautionary and preventive measures during the examination period, in implementation of the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities, which decided that the vaccination against Corona is a prerequisite for entering the exams at the end of the first semester of the current academic year.

The president also stresses the participation in the "Dignified Life" initiative and paying attention to community service and environmental development activities, pointing to the discovery and care of talented and innovators within the initiative, which includes implementing the state's directives in building the Egyptian person and raising awareness among students of the issues and efforts of the state in building the new republic.

For his part, Major General Gamal Nour El-din, Governor of Kafrelsheikh, said he is pleased and honored to be among the scholars of Kafrelsheikh University during the meeting of the University Council, stressing his pride in the university’s role as a scientific reference that includes all disciplines, and a main and important supportive experience house in the implementation of the governorate’s development and investment programs and projects for the service of the citizens.


He adds that Kafrelsheikh University is the beacon of science and real knowledge to lead comprehensive development in the governorate, praising what it witnesses in the close and continuous cooperation between the university and the governorate, confirming that the governorate depends on Kafrelsheikh University alumni, and seeks their help in all fields, and this is what happened in many departments in the governorate, whether Geospatial Unit, Urban Planning and Training Department.